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Superwomen are products of structure NOT magic.

Here are ways we make you a structured woman.

It doesn’t have to be

one or the other.

Many have abandoned the possibility of a home that functions and runs efficiently, while they are away building their dreams or climbing the career ladder.

This shouldn’t be you.

My name is Oreoluwa Sonola, and for over 10 years, I have helped high achieving individuals and go-getter women, put structure in their homes and find their balance so that their homes can function and run efficiently even when they have to be away from it.


Can you imagine the freedom a well structured and efficiently run home could afford you?



I am happy with the outcome.

“The schedule will give our helper more structure and guidance to be able to know what is expected of her as well as monitor her performance. ”

Damilola B-O


The most significant purchase made in the past three months.

“This is the most significant purchase I have made recently that has significantly improved the quality of my life

Toyin K-S


You make me look like a star

“Your work is excellent. I look like a superstar to my friends and extended family when they come to my house and domestics seems on point; schedule and all. I can only thank you for that. You are good and very thorough.”

With a well structured home, you can “have it all”.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing women do all they were created to do without being held back by a home that begs for their physical presence and attention to fully function efficiently or thrive. In the same way, nothing hurts more than seeing women give up their dreams and passions to dedicate it fully to managing their household simply because they couldn’t figure out a way for their homes to thrive without them being fully in the picture.

As a Household Manager, I serve families administratively and furnish their home with the custom structure it needs to run efficiently, so that they can literally have it all; a flourishing career and a thriving home/family.

MAIDforME Services is Africa’s foremost Household Management Company. We exist to serve homes and help individuals live the life they dream of without being held back by the demands of an unattended home and family.