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Who Should You Prioritize As A Maid Employer; A Referee or A Guarantor?


I have seen and experienced firsthand the stress families go through when trying to make a decision on whom to hire as a maid in this part of the world. The stress stems from concerns surrounding their security, the maid’s…
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Overcoming Your Fear Of Hiring A “Stranger”

Can I get you to exercise your mind for a minute? Imagine seeing a vacancy announced for your ultimate dream job. Let’s assume it is as the Personal Assistant to Alhaji Aliko Dangote (Who is the richest man in Africa…
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Maximizing The Presence of Your Maid/Nanny For The Summer Holiday

If you have an Instagram account, you may have already come across one too many posts by different individuals lamenting about the summer break. The summer break is the long holiday, mostly taken by schools which usually has the kids…
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The Five Questions That Will Get You Your Ideal Maid

Hiiii, So this is my first article for the year 2018 on the website! Happy new year. I have been active on social media and in the community and from today, I’ll be extending the activity to the website. In…
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5 Things Your Maid Won’t Tell You But Wishes You Knew

If you have said or heard this phrase “After all I did/have done for her, she still left”, or “All these maids don’t like when you are good to them, they like people who are strict”, you are about to…
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Maid Talk with Mofolusade Sonaike

When you hear the phrase “Women supporting Women”, it sounds like a normal cliche that people use in hashtags to increase the likes and engagement on their social media posts. But in real life, very few women live up to…
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