MaidforMe , Nigerian maids

Oreoluwa Sonola. Founder, MAIDforME Services

At MAIDforME Services we specialize in private household domestic staff management and training.  We help families manage their employees smoothly and efficiently. We respond professionally to domestic staffing and personal property issues, and are keen on maintaining our clients’ privacy.

We have positioned ourselves as an organization that can be a trusted voice in Household Staff Management and Domestic staff training in Nigeria and across Africa.

At the core of what we do is EDUCATION.

We educate families in Nigeria and across Africa on domestic staff employment, management and training. We create quality resources, custom and functional household procedural manuals from scratch that have been proven to solve specific issues that characterize the housekeeping industry in Africa. Issues ranging from professionalism, security, health concerns, lack of education e.t.c  

Our placement service helps our clients answer five major questions which are crucial to having a drama-free experience. Who they need, What they need them for, How she can be identified, Where she can be found and What to do to have a long and satisfying working relationship with her.

With a mission to see that employer-maid relationships thrive and homes are well equipped with qualified, reliable and excellent hands even in the absence of the home owners, our specially curated four weeks on-the-job e-training for maids (Maid Orientation and Training Program) ensures that your maid who may come in with a mindset and esteem of a cleaner is transformed and starts to thrive as an an excellent staff and value-provider.

We have over 70 online educative articles published on different platforms to push this narrative into as many homes as possible. We also have free and paid quality resources that have helped women make the right decisions in hiring and management.

Our thorough process and hiring structure is every home owner’s guarantee of a drama-free maid experience. Our placement and management strategies have also been proven to be genuine and highly successful. In just over one year, we have worked alongside over 70 families and birthed outstanding results.

Our long-term goal is to continue to educate both maid and employer, create proper structure and propose favorable policies that will lead to the influx of the right people into the housekeeping industry.

We hope to be every home’s last resort in finding solutions to their continued domestic staff issues.

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