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I am Oreoluwa Sonola. A maid trainer and housekeeping aficionado. I derive joy in transforming untidy/disorganized living spaces into a warm and welcoming environment through excellent housekeeping. I help young women who are new to being maid employers nurture their maids into committed and strong ladder-holders. I define ladder-holders as maids who are skillful in wisdom, intelligent and discerning, quick to understand, competent to stand and able to serve in the palaces of kings.

 It is with these in mind that I create resources that show them how to navigate this important relationship in their journeys and to affirm to them, that having a great maid experience is possible. My resources have helped employers train their maids till they start to thrive on the job.

In the SELFMAID category, I share tips that would help you in your pre-maid stage, to achieve excellent housekeeping in your home, stress-free!

My column; Oreoluwa’s Maid for Me is featured on Bellanaija fortnightly.

If you hang around, you will find exactly what you need and keep coming back for more. If you are at a crossroad on where to begin, you could start here.

I look forward to being a part the solution you’ve been looking for.


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