MaidforMe , Nigerian maids


I am Oreoluwa Sonola. A domestic staffing expert and housekeeping aficionado.

MAIDforME is a platform through which I help women who are focused on their careers, businesses and God-given assignments find their ideal maids. My job is to ensure that their homes are well equipped with reliable and excellent hands so that their home is not lacking the attention it needs while they are out covering other grounds. I also create premium resources to educate women on what it means to be a maid employer and how to create a structure that keeps on giving as it relates to the maid-employer relationship.

At MAIDforME, we believe that hiring a great maid doesn’t have to be dependent on luck. You can work it out from start to finish and replicate the process all over again if the need arises, with a proper structure in place.

MAIDforME was birthed to be your guarantee of a drama-free maid experience.

From the day your maid resumes to the day she decides to leave, our work tools and specially curated 4 weeks Maid Orientation and Training (MOT) Program will transform her from just a cleaner to an excellent staff and value-provider. She will be trained till she is transformed and starts to THRIVE.

I am glad you took out the time to visit this website. I look forward to being a major part of your success story.