Oreoluwa Sonola

Founder, MAIDforME Services.

Oreoluwa Sonola is a Household Manager with over ten years experience combined, serving homes personally and as the head of MAIDforME Services; a household management business she founded in 2017.

As a household manager she specializes in establishing structure in homes of busy career professionals and entrepreneurs, so that their homes can function and run efficiently when they have to be away going after their dreams.

Her client portfolio consists of hundreds of families across four continents who she provides with solutions that help them get their desired structure in their respective homes.

Her premium resources are designed to meet needs specific to households such as domestic staff recruitment and management, children routines and meal planning and household management and maintenance. These resources are accessed through various online platforms.

She has authored over 15 resources, the most popular being the MAIDforME Chore schedule and domestic staff interview questionnaire.

She is also the author of the book: How to Source, Hire & Retain your ideal domestic staff.

Oreoluwa is a graduate of Biochemistry. She has obtained certificates across disciplines of People Management and Design Thinking, and has worked in one of Africa's largest banks as a relationship manager.


About MAIDforME Services

MAIDforME Services is Africa's foremost Household Management Company. We exist to serve homes and help individuals live the life they dream of without being held back by the demands of an unattended home and family.

We know that with the right structure in your home, you will be furnished with the stability you need to go after every dream in your heart. Therefore we provide services and create resources that enable you find your unique balance and ideal support system so that your home can function and run just the way you would want it whether you are physically present or away.


Equip individual and families, especially women; who are the major custodians of home management, with the knowledge, resources and structure needed for them to have it all HAVE IT ALL.


We will impart Knowledge : Through specific targeted training.

We will provide solutions by creating premium resources targeted to fill gaps in all the six major systems of household management.

We will provide custom structure in homes based on each family's unique dynamic.