Short tips to help you jump start your maid training process.

Caught In the Web of Maid Comparisons


It doesn’t take so long before the maid discussion comes up when there are two or more women in a place. In the middle of discussing businesses and career, family and other matters, the “how to balance it all” talk…
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Willful Wrong or Sheer Ignorance of Nigerian Maids?


“The worst mistake of first contact, made throughout history by individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions. It often proved fatal”. David Brin Except you specifically made mention of it during…
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Your Maid’s Confidence


One of the things your maid will be taught during training is CONFIDENCE. The trait that enables her believe firmly in herself and in her ability to master and execute her job excellently well. Confidence does not equate disrespect. A…
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Your maid might just be acting her age

Ofcourse, there is no excuse whatsoever for whatever wrong your maid may be doing, but a little knowledge into what may be influencing her actions could help you understand how to deal with it. I am not a behavioral expert,…
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Who should be blamed? 24-05-2017

Maids have become the easy target of blame when things do not work out well in the employer-maid relationship. As soon as we hear that an employer has let go of her maid, we say “All of them are the…
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Handling Simple Mistakes 23-05-2017

There is a high tendency that we may blow things out of proportion because of our suspicion. Sometimes, the mistake is nothing more than a mistake. Do not let suspicion cloud your judgement as an employer. If you have any…
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