The MAIDforME Specialized Domestic Staff Interview Questionnaire


Specialized questions focused on 4 aspects of domestic staffing ; Housekeeping, Childcare, Care-giving and Domestic Helper.

These questions have been created and curated to help you filter your ideal domestic staff from the other candidates you may interview. If used correctly, your ideal domestic staff will stand out from the pack because she would have proven to be qualified by the nature of the questions.

It prepares and arms you to meet with candidates and keeps you from hiring the wrong person.


  • 55+ Interview questions spread across
  • Experiential questions which allows you prove that experience is genuine
  • Behavioral questions which help you determine possible behaviour in distinct situations and character
  • KSA focused questions -Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Health status
  • Work arrangement conditions

FOR BEST RESULTS: Exhaust all questions and use alongside the CIAS