Do any of these three statements describe your domestic staff?


I can leave everything I have in ..................... care; When .............. is in charge, I do not concern myself with anything.


.......... doesn't work hard only when I am watching and then shirk when I am not looking; She works hard and with gladness ALL the time, as though she was working for God.


When .......................... is faced with a wrong decision, she considers the consequences of her action and understands that doing the right thing may be hard, but is necessary and rewarding in the long-run.

Don't feel bad if you cannot relate.

This may not be your domestic staff's current position,

but this CAN BE her reality in your home.

I know this because I was once this person:

  • I had my first childcare and domestic role when I was between 18-19 years.
  • This was not the home of a family member, relative or family friend.
  • I looked after their three kids and cleaned: Ages 5, 4 and 1.
  • When their parents had to travel out of state and overseas, they left them in my care.
  • They didn't come back to bad reports about me or emergencies for the kids.
  • I didn't do any thing in their absence that I wouldn't do in their presence.
  • I kept myself accountable to them throughout their absence.
  • I took care of their kids and home at different times for 5 years.
  • When I had to leave eventually, I got a set of Swarovski jewellery as a gift of gratitude.

I am NOT a special breed. I am just proof that this CAN BE DONE by ANYBODY else, including your domestic staff.

I want to TEACH your domestic staff TO BECOME this person, through a mind re-engineering series covering 7 KEY areas.

1.Self respect and Self-love. 2. Responsibility and Perspective. 3. Value-Addition. 4. Copy & Paste.

5. The principle of the journey. 6. The law of constant improvement. 7. The law of Reward

What to expect:
7 Videos covering the seven days plus one introductory video.
The videos will be short; 5-7 minutes, with specific assignments and a simple workbook for each day.
No slides/presentations, just me communicating with your staff.
Communication will be in simple grammar so that your domestic staff can understand.
Videos links will be sent to your email every day for 7 days.
Registration runs from 15th May, 2020 to 30th May, 2020. Program starts on 1st June, 2020

How to prepare your domestic staff for the program.

Inform her 2-3 days before the series begins..

Agree on a particular timing for her to watch every day, for her to do the activity and time to have a discussion with you.

Sort out how she'll be able to watch via phone/tablet/laptop

Get ready to answer her questions or ask her to write them down and forward.

Your domestic staff doesn't have to be excited after informing her. Just keep encouraging and urging her to watch the first day.

Don't put pressure or micro manage her into watching or demand immediate progress. That way she may lose interest or just listen only to please you.

Your domestic staff can enroll for this program if:

  1. She understands simple English.
  2. She can communicate to you what she has learned.
  3. She can devote 5-7 minutes daily to listening to the videos.

My name is Oreoluwa Sonola. In 2017, I started a Household Management Service with primary focus on household structuring and domestic staff management and recruitment. In the space of three years, I have worked with hundreds of families across 12 countries, providing structure and re-orientation on the concept of domestic staffing. Home owners and domestic staff employers are now free from the fear and uncertainty that has accompanied domestic staffing over the years and have become more confident in their hiring process and management of their staff.

This year, I am pivoting away from you, to reach out directly to your domestic staff. I believe that your domestic staff can truly enjoy her job independent of the conditions, she can show up every day determined to serve and be willing to give each opportunity she has to work her best shot. But it all starts with a mindset change and re-orientation. Once her mindset is right, every other thing can be learned.

The mind re-engineering series is the first of many resources that would be put together to transform domestic staff across the world.

I truly believe that this is the season for an in-flock of the Joseph-like domestic staff into the household management industry. Your domestic staff should not be left out.

I look forward to having your domestic staff on board.

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