Here are some of the questions we get asked often concerning MAIDforME. You may find your answers here.

Q. I want to hire a domestic staff. Please what is the process?

A: MAIDforME Services does NOT source domestic staff for now. Though it is a service we are giving keen consideration.


Q. What do you do?

A: We provide household management services. Majorly Advisory on hiring, on-boarding and management of domestic staff. We create resources that help us achieve this.


Q. Can you advise me which resource I need for my domestic staff situation?

A: We have resources covering five major areas. We will help you determine which area your need falls and recommend resources in that regard. 

  1. Hiring advisory and Onboarding of domestic staff.
  2. Salary advisory, Compensation and Benefits Structuring.
  3. Management and Training.
  4. Consequences and Disciplinary action.
  5. Disengagement and Seamless transitioning.

Q. Can I change my mind after paying for a resource?

A: Yes. We have a refund policy. Please click HERE to read.

Q. Do you conduct classroom training?

A: No. For now, all our training are online. Either live or pre-recorded training videos. this way, we are able to reach people all over the world without stepping our foot in their cities.

Q. Do you do one on one sessions?

A: Yes. It involves 90 minutes (cumulative) of video consultation and  ALL INCLUSIVE support with the resources you will need. Click  HERE to see how to go about booking a session.

Q. How do we reach you; for collaborations,partnerships and features?

A: Whatsapp: +2349099395172,
Email: maidformee@gmail.com