About The LIFE MAID EASY Online Course

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard by now that I’m launching my first online course tagged LIFE MAID EASY. I’m super pumped about this course for a lot of reasons, the major one being that after getting so many requests from families from different parts of the country to conduct seminars or mini-workshops, I am finally going to be able to reach everyone. 

While physical meetings may have its advantages, a virtual meeting will be able to reach more people at the same time, no matter what state or in fact, country they are in.

How do you define easy?

Without seeing the spelling of the “MAID” in LIFE MAID EASY, what is the first thing you think of when you hear this phrase as it pertains to you as a career woman, wife, mom, busy entrepreneur or a stay-at-home-wife/mom. You probably are thinking about:

  • A vacation trip without your kids.
  • Having someone who is reliable to help you manage your home while you pursue your career.
  • An extra hour of sleep.
  • Having someone you can entrust with the money you made from your business for the day.
  • Having someone who can stay with the kids after school so you don’t have to spend money on extra curricular activities.
  • Date night with your husband. or any other picture your mind painted to you.

So what is standing between you and your life being made easy? I have discovered that there is not one person who has been able to maintain the balance we all crave and desire, who does not have a reliable team of ladder holders. Call them nannies, cooks,laundry-man, housekeepers etc.

I define ladder holders as people who are on your team and are interested in helping you reach your goal, just as much as you are. Because they are interested, they become committed to handling everything that may disrupt that reality. These days employers don’t encounter problems in hiring maids, where the problem lies is how to get the maids committed to their work and provide the stability and assistance they need.

You should NOT be more stressed after you hire your maid!

You worry she will steal your things, you worry she will disappear or do an irreversible damage and so your maid gradually becomes one of your worry instigators. It should not be so.

LIFE MAID EASY course is designed to teach maid employers how to nurture their hired maids into committed and loyal ladder holders. So that they go from just doing a housekeeping job, to seeing themselves as a member of your team and understanding and committing to the role they have to play. It takes a process (not a long one) and no agency can do it for us.

Someone is saying “Is it that serious? Take an online course just because I am hiring a maid?” Well, if you fall into any of these categories I will mention below, you may want to start preparing to take the course.

  • You change maids at least two times in a year
  • Even after you employed a “trained” maid, you still haven’t gotten excellent service.
  • Your maid is hardworking but you don’t know how to deal with her character issues.
  • You have taken your maid as a daughter/sister/aunty and the relationship has only worsened.
  • You are already considering resignation from your job because you think this maid arrangement can’t just work out.
  • You have been increasing your maid’s salary because you are scared of losing her.
  • Your kids stay in daycare till late in the night because you are too scared to leave them at home with a hired help.
  • You have missed out on opportunities because you maid decided to leave suddenly.

In LIFE MAID EASY course, you are going to be learning how to put up a sustainable structure that naturally converts your maid into a ladder holder. “Sustainable” because your ladder holder will leave someday and you will depend on this same structure to mold your new maid into a ladder holder too.

This structure consists of five components (GOALS, REWARDS, TRAINING, CONSEQUENCES AND CONTINGENCY PLANNING) and I will be dedicating a module to each component so I can discuss in detail. The modules will be in videos so you can pause, write, replay and keep coming back to listen to it?

LIFE MAID EASY launches in September!!! Yay. I’ll be delighted to share the details with you soon.

Please check out all my social media handles for details. FB,Twitter and IG :@maidformee. and if you know someone who will thank you for life because you introduced them to this course, please share this post with them.

It’s time for us to get the needed help we need and enjoy the help we get.

See you in September.

Oreoluwa S.



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