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We know exactly how it feels when you have to pass on that date night with your spouse, or miss out on seeing your favorite artiste live in concert. We understand how your constant need to ask for permission off work because of an emergency, is affecting your career progression and putting your leadership skills to question. Your friends now know they cannot count on your word for a girls day out as you always pull out last minute.

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Ultimately, we know that even though you love your family and home so much, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your career and long standing dreams to face household management full time.

While managing the home full time isn’t a curse, it should be something you choose to do not settle for because you were presented with no other choice.

We know and understand how important these things are, so WE WOULD NOT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU.

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MAIDforME exists to help you live the life you dream of without being held back by the demands of an unattended home and family. We know that with the right household staff, you will be furnished with the stability you need to go after every dream in your heart. Therefore we provide services that enable you find your ideal support system so that your home can function and run seamlessly even in your absence.

No matter what part of the world you are, we can work with you. We have furnished the homes of hundreds of families across eight countries and four continents with solutions to specific issues as regards domestic staffing.

Hiring the right household staff can be a very daunting journey, MAIDforME creates resources that guide you through from when the thought is conceived to an employment relationship that is drama-free, smooth and a rewarding experience

To do this effectively, our focus and specialty covers these five major areas:

  1. Hiring advisory and Onboarding of domestic staff.

  2. Salary advisory, Compensation and Benefits Structuring.

  3. Management and Training.

  4. Consequences and Disciplinary action.

  5. Disengagement and Seamless transitioning.

We leverage all online channels in the creation and distribution of our resources, as we do not want to be limited by the four walls of a room. You will find us on all major social media platforms: Instagram(where we are most active), Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Our long-term goal is to continue to invest in both domestic staff and employer, create proper structure and propose favorable policies that will lead to high quality staff and better working relationships.

We are on our way to changing the face of domestic staffing in Africa.

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