5-in-1 resources to get your hiring, on-boarding and management of domestic staff started.

35+ domestic staff interview questions designed to reveal knowledge, experience, skill and character of your candidates.

A ready-made Domestic staff Chore schedule. (Ms.Word format)

A ready-made Standard Operating Procedure for homes.

Guarantor Form and Must have: Hiring Checklist.

Domestic Staff Interview Questionnaire

Never show up unprepared to an already booked interview with candidates.

This robust 55+ domestic staff interview questionnaire, comes with a candidates interview assessment sheet; a tool used to sieve out your ideal candidate from the pack.


Chore Schedule

  1. Plans 16 hours of chores daily with 4-5 hours of rest time
  2. Details all chores
  3. No day is over-packed or underutilized
  4. Perfect tool to establish routines
  5. Perfect cure for laziness and in-efficiency
  6. Perfect tool for performance management

The MAIDforME Standard Operating Procedure for Homes

10 page document that guides the employment of domestic staff and provides guidance into mode of operations and procedures regarding your home spanning 15 areas such as Values, Resumption timing, Disciplinary action, Disengagement, Holiday and leave periods e.t.c