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by learning how to SOURCE, HIRE & RETAIN your ideal domestic staff.

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Here’s why you can trust what I say…

So far, I have worked with and delivered value to hundreds of families across

12 countries ; Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, USA, India, United Arab Emirates e.t.c

4 continents

Tshepiso from Botswana says ” I have received my resources. I have also studied it and I am happy with the outcome…I really appreciate it and its very informative. It will surely give our Helper more structure and guidance to be able to know what is expected from her as well as be able to measure and monitor her performance.”

What you should expect…

  • In Chapter 1, I would take you on a journey to arrive at who exactly you can refer to as your ideal domestic staff.

  • In Chapter 2, I would show you how to spot the wrong agency/agent from afar off.

  • In Chapter 3, You would learn how to make your ideal domestic eager to work for you.

  • In Chapter 4, you would learn the two basic requirements required to be a domestic staff that every other thing is hinged on and become skilled on how to tell a candidate’s character from the interview.

  • In Chapter 5, you would learn how to focus and conduct your interview with candidates to get your desired outcome.

  • In chapter 6, you will be given a simple tool that will help you filter out the most outstanding candidate from the pack. You will learn a simple trick used to select between two candidates who you may be satisfied with.

  • In Chapter 7, I teach you how to set the tone of events that build up to the decision of your domestic staff wanting to be retained in your home.

  • In Chapter 8, you would discover the fundamental components of your home structure needed to provide your domestic staff with the stability she needs, to see a future working for and with you.

4 Domestic Staff Specializations to choose from depending on your household need.

Plus two resources (Click to read)


SPECIALIZATION : Cleaning & Upkeep of the Home.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To ensure the home environment is always kept clean and habitable and has all that is needed to run well.



JOB DESCRIPTION: To provide nurturing care for kids in all aspects; play, feeding, hygiene,health etc.


SPECIALIZATION : Elderly & Special Needs.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To provide specialized care for the elderly and special needs; bathing and bathroom functions, feeding, errands, medication &grooming.


SPECIALIZATION : Housekeeping, Childcare & General running of the Home.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Combines the job description of both housekeeper and nanny.

Let’s do the math…

E-book- N8,000

Learn all the strategies and hire once and for all

Agency fees – N15,000 (minimum)

Medical Test – N6000

Toiletries /Welcome package – N6,000 (Maximum)

Total cost: N35,000


Proceed to hire without e-book

Agency fees: N15,000

Medical test: N6,000

Welcome package: N6,000

Total: N27,000

Minimum Staff Turnover in one year: x2

Plus: Time spent, Stress level up, No solution in sight

Total cost: N54,000 (min)

Here’s what clients have to say:

“A major thing I have learned from you is the skill to replace the perfect domestic staff even if she leaves. As much as I and my kids love (her DS’s name), if she has to go now, I can find another(name), because I have learned to recognize. This is what everybody needs to learn.” Mrs Jaiyeola .A Lagos, Nigeria.

“Thank you. I now feel like an employer who is not just gambling, but knows exactly what to do. Mrs Ronke Lagos, Nigeria.”

“When it comes to domestic staffing, I get so emotional but you give me so much clarity.” Mrs. Oyin

“I approached my interview confident like a boss, and after I hired, I do not need to shout or repeat instructions as my domestic staff has been equipped with a schedule.” Mrs. Martha


Q: Is this book in print?

A: No, it is an e-book.

Q: Does it come in audio format?

A: No. It is in read only format.

Q: Will I be able to view it on my phone?

A: Yes, it can be viewed on mobile devices, iPads and laptops.

Q: Can I purchase it from anywhere in the world?

A: Yes you can. Please click on the payment link.

Q: Can I get a refund after payment?

A: Refund will only be processed after preorder, before book has been sent and if request has been received before book sent. After preorder timing is elapsed, refund will not be processed. Please see refund policy HERE

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