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3 Things to Do To Help Your Maid Become Teachable


I love the word “Teachable” because its meaning captures the struggle that a lot of maid employers go through everyday with their maids. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it in two ways;  Capable of being taught Being apt and willing to…
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The Elephant In Your Maid-Employer Relationship: PUNISHMENT

I got talking with a maid employer during the week. As my usual practice is, I first of all try to listen to every complaint before I start to ask questions. This particular maid employer had lost so much to…
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MAID TALK with ‘Ronke Gabriels-Omolegbe

Maid Talk with Ronke

I have known Ronke personally for quite some time and I can say that she is one super woman. With or without a maid, she is someone who most of the time has things under control. Just yesterday, she put…
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What Your Maid’s Character is Saying About You

When the name of some organizations or banks are mentioned, there is a picture that most likely first comes to your mind. Over time, many of us have attributed  these pictures or characteristics to these organizations – based on one,…
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forgetfulness in nigerian MAIDs

Some of us, if not all, have been in situations where we gave out specific instructions to our maids before leaving the house, but then we come back later in the day to find out that either nothing at all…
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Many of us are unaware of the responsibility we incur when we choose to hire maids. A brief look into the background of your maid will make you see that her coming to work for you was her only escape route from an environment that constantly told her she could never become something in life.