No School? No problem .

This is the most comprehensive, all-inclusive routine that your little-one needs to learn, develop and thrive right in the comfort of your home.

12 hours of learning & other productive activities divided into 30 minutes per activity.

Experts say your toddler's body needs the remaining 12 hours to get refreshed through sleep.

EYFS routine: Learning through play.

We know your child will learn better when learning is disguised as fun. Maths, literacy, Understanding the world, Physical development.

Balanced-Diet meal table

Slots for breakfast, lunch and dinner and mid-day snacks have been filled with super foods that provide the energy and nutrition your little one's body needs to be strong and healthy.

Get your little ones productively engaged during this lock-down. More time on your hands to do the things you want to do; WIN-WIN!

These elements may have been missing from your previous routines


Inclusion of every-day things

While you think of the fancy toys, your little one just wants to play with the every-day items. So why can't they learn with it too?

Kids want to learn, explore & discover but sometimes on their own. Free play over constant supervised and pressured learning.


Recognizing and maximizing time needed to catch and keep their attention focused on a task.

Here are 10 things you can expect:

  1. Mathematics; numbers, quantity.
  2. Literacy; Phonics.
  3. Understanding the world; Plants, Animals, Insects, Professions etc.
  4. Arts and Craft.
  5. Physical Education.
  6. Creative play.
  7. Age-appropriate chores.
  8. Nap, Snack and Rest times.
  9. Balanced diet meal table.
  10. Fully planned out 12 hour period.

You can trust me! Here's why...

Since 2017, I have created routines in numerous forms(domestic staff, meals, kids) for 100s of families, across 12 countries and 4 continents, which has provided their homes with much needed structure, causing them to save time and strength.

I founded a household management company called MAIDforME Services which exists to make life and running of the home easier for busy career professionals and entrepreneurs.

If it is about your home and it is important to you, then it is just as important to me too.


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