Driven by our passion to raise excellent maids through training, and our desire to see homes around Nigeria and Africa have pleasurable maid experiences, we offer the following services;

For the employer who desires that her maid’s skills should go beyond being able to clean and maintain cleanliness, to being able to take initiative, be creative and innovative, serve as a strong and stable support system. This training is tailor-maid to suit the employer’s specific request in the area where training is needed. Character flaws, Language, Hygiene and so on as the issues may present themselves. Training duration is four (4) weeks per focus area.

I design personalized power work schedules that act as catalysts to help your maid function optimally. The work schedules are divided into days, weeks and months. For maids who have a difficult time executing tasks or get exhausted due to poor planning of daily tasks, the schedules will ensure excellent execution and effectiveness. I also ¬†create tailor-made affirmations that help to boost your maid’s worth and self esteem.

High-value one on one consultations designed for maid employers who have issues specific to their domestic staff or homes. Professional housekeeping and housekeeper consultations. 

Tailor-made housekeeper employment contracts
Maid’s bio-data form that details all the necessary information you may need for future occurrence
Detailed and properly documented address verification forms
Guarantor form

For any of these services, kindly drop a message below, and expect a response within 24 hours.